I.M.C. Caprica

There is a darkness coming. . .

Deep in the bowels of the central hive city on the world of Caprica crime is rife and a new approach is needed to combat this new threat. A cell is activated, of acolytes loyal to the Inquisition. An Inquisitorial mandated cell, the I.M.C., a semi-static unit created to combat the forces of crime on this world.

Destiny has greater designs, a darkness is falling and the end of days is glimpsed, the death of all things, all of time and space rended apart and faded to nothing.

Annihilus is rising and the Acolytes must answer one qestion, How does a man kill a God?, before the Annihilation Wave erases all of creation.

Silence will fall. . .

I.M.C. Caprica